About us

Welcome to the Website of the ASSOCIATION OF PROVINCIAL BURSARS (often known just as ‘APB’).

ASSOCIATION: because it is an ecumenical, unincorporated association founded in 1982 to provide support for the bursars of religious congregations, orders and communities (Institutes) in England and Wales. It also supports those with communities throughout the UK and Ireland.

PROVINCIAL: this term was chosen to convey the level at which APB aim to provide support – in larger Roman Catholic Institutes, for those responsible for all the temporal affairs of the local Province; in smaller Orders and autonomous Communities, for those responsible for all such matters.

BURSARS: the members are primarily Bursars, and often have that title, although in the case of lay members, the title may be different. Our membership also includes Associates who are Superiors, Trustees and Assistant Bursars.

APB holds its Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting each year in October, at which expert and high-quality speakers talk on a variety of topics of current concern.

It has a General Secretary who deals with all the administration of the Association and facilitates the members sharing particular matters with each other.

APB welcomes new members and participants at the Conference.


There are three types of membership: Full, Associate or Friend.

Full:  one member per Institute who has particular responsibility for financial and temporal matters, whether religious or lay (secular) staff, is eligible for Full Membership (i.e. has the voting rights).

Associate: other finance staff (lay or religious) are eligible for Associate membership.

Friend: professional organisations such as banks, insurers, accountants and solicitors, investment managers, are eligible to become Friends of the Association. Their details are made available to members and they may receive an invitation to participate in some events.

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Members benefit from

Fellowship: An opportunity to share with other Religious / Lay Workers who understand the particular challenges facing religious bursars and may be able to help solve your problems and offers a platform to share experiences, concerns and solutions.
Expert advice: Learn from professionals at the annual conference and seminars.
Help-line: Contact the General Secretary and use the resources of the Association and its contacts to answer your queries on a range of topics affecting charities.
Questions and Job vacancies:  Ask other members questions and post your job vacancies on the website. This is done via the General Secretary.