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This is the business of our life,

By effort and toil,

By prayer and supplication,

To advance in the Grace of God.

– St. Augustine

Prayer of faith

O God,

I firmly believe all the truths

You have revealed and that you teach us

Through your Church,

For you are the truth itself

And can neither deceive or be deceived. Amen.

Thoughts on Our Lady

In danger, in peril, in every hazardous issue,

think of Mary,

call upon Mary.

Keep her name on your lips, keep it in your heart.

And that you may secure her help as your advocate,

cease not to follow the example of her life.

Following in her footsteps you will not go astray;

Praying to her you will not fall into despair,

Thinking on her you will not err;

While she keeps hold of you, you will not fall.

With her as guide you will not grow weary;

with her as protectress, you will have no fear;

enjoying her favour, you will reach the goal.

– St. Bernard.