When you picked up your slip of paper from the conference you will have received your username and password. The password is an automatically generated one that’s unique to you.

But it’s usually best to reset your password when you can to one that you can easily remember.

I showed this process during my presentation at the conference and here it is again for those that need a little reminder.

Just one password now.

You now no longer need to use a separate password to access the APB forums.

Changing your WEBSITE password.

To change your website password go to any page that has a login WIDGET (for example, click on MEMBERS PAGES at the top of the website) and type your username – exactly as it is on the piece of paper, with spaces and appropriate capitals. Then type your password and click LOGIN. You need to log in first so that the website knows exactly who you are.


After a moment the website will welcome you by name and you can see the private pages.

(By the way, if you want to see the pictures in this post in a larger form, just click on them, and click the BACK button on your browser to return back here)

Click on the PROFILE link accessed from the top of the page and you can enter the dashboard where you can fill in or change your personal details.


Scrolling down, you will find the place where you can change your password. You need to type it into the first box, then again underneath. The website will check that you have entered both EXACTLY the same to make sure you have typed your new password correctly. The strength indicator will turn GREEN when it thinks your password is secure enough.

In the dashboard
In the dashboard

Try to include numbers and a mixture of upper and lower case in your password.

Click on UPDATE PROFILE at the bottom of the page to save your new password.

When you’re done, go to the top of the page and click on the link to get back to the website.

Click to return to the website
Click to return to the website


Andy Severn